"History is made, not told"

Matteo Nannini was born in Faenza on 10 July 2003.
He made his debut in 2010 with the Parolin Kart in the 35 cc Dolphin category, where he began to cultivate a passion for four wheels.
Matteo's first victory came in 2012, closing the 50cc category Championkart Championship in third place with the record of having always been on the podium in all races.
In 2013 he went into the 60cc category, arriving in third place in the Championship. The real successes come in 2014 where he wins the Italian Champion Title.
In 2015 he moved to the 125 cc category, although this was not yet possible for reasons of age having only 11 years; a special exemption was requested for participation in the tenders. He made his second place debut.
In 2016 he won the Italian Championship in the 125cc category.
In 2017 he moved to the WSK and European Championship obtaining pole position in Sarno and a third place.
In 2018 he took part in the Italian kart championship category x30 senior, once again winning the Santa Rosa di Viterbo trophy.
In the same year the first tests in Formula 4 began.
In 2019 Matteo made his debut in the Formula 4 UAE championship, winning the title of champion as well as rookie. It also participates in the first round of the Spanish Formula 4 reaching second place.
After the victory in the United Arab Emirates, Matteo goes to Formula 3 Regional and takes part in the Italia Academy Circuit trophy, established by Aci Sport, in which he will be first in the standings.
Matteo then participated in the last round of the Renault Formula 3 Championship in Abu Dhabi, surprising the insiders right away, obtaining a 3 place in qualifying and a 5 place in the race.
In the two days following the race, Renault organized two days of collective tests for the Rookie, where in both two days, Matteo distinguished himself by setting the fastest time and also the track record in 2.07.901.
On his return Matteo took part in a series of tests on the Barcelona and Valencia circuit driving a Gp3; also in this case he had the opportunity to show his talent, immediately finding an excellent feeling with the car and obtaining, in most of the practices, the first position.

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